"The reports are fantastic, anyway you want the information, you can get it." —Jarrid Lundeen, Tire Pros of North Dakota

AutoRepairMaster Comprehensive Report Capabilities

With more than 100 reports you can identify your most profitable jobs, your most efficient technicians, manage your cash flow, and make sound business decisions. Here are just a few examples of the powerful reports available in AutoRepairMaster:

Invoice Averages by Date: Helps you see if your invoice and gross profit averages increased as the result of selling a particular item or service during a specified date range.

Historical Sales: Shows quantities sold, prices, total price, cost, and gross profit (GPM) for each item or service sold and the total of all items or services sold during a selected date range.

Mechanic Report: Lists sales totals, costs, and gross profit by mechanic. This report can be generated at the end of the month to help you determine commission amounts for mechanics and look at their productivity

Mechanic Flat Rate Report: Lists the number of hours of work produced by a mechanic, along with the same information included on the Mechanic Report.

Customer Overdue Balance Report: Lists customers with past-due balances as of the last statement and shows their aged balances.

Cash Requirements: Shows all of your vendor balances along with information about any discounts you’ve earned or may be eligible to receive.

Inventory Bar Codes: Lets you generate bar code labels for pricing sheets or attaching to shelves.

Vehicle Expense Report: Displays the vehicle history for one customer, active customers, or all customers for the specified date range.