AutoRepairMaster POS

AutoRepairMaster Point of Sale is designed to give your service writers an edge in providing the best customer service possible and making your business more profitable. AutoRepairMaster helps employees educate customers and create money making opportunities. AutoRepairMaster POS includes vehicle inspection, estimating, invoicing, scheduling, vehicle service history, employee productivity, and customer-management tools. You’ll also be able to use a tablet to log into your system from anywhere to check on daily sales figures, employee productivity, and your cash flow. AutoRepairMaster POS can be integrated with QuickBooks® for your accounting needs.

AutoRepairMaster POS features include:

  • Estimates can be stored with vehicle history
  • Declined service notes can be saved and retrieved
  • Vehicle service history is easily accessible
  • Estimates can easily be turned into work orders
  • Scheduling tools prevent overbooking of shop resources