AutoRepairMaster FAQ

How long has ASA been in business?
ASA has been providing software to the automotive aftermarket industry for over 30 years. We have more than 1,000 customers representing over 5,000 locations and over 20,000 users running ASA software today.

How much does AutoRepairMaster cost?
That's the best part of AutoRepairMaster! We start at $250 a month for up to two user licenses of our Point of Sale system. Once we know a little more about you, we can provide an exact quote. We want to be your shop management solution, so let's get a conversation started.

Do you offer a rental options?
Yes, we offer a rental option that can help minimize your up-front investment. The rental option includes technical support and all future software versions and releases.

How do I get the data from my current system to AutoRepairMaster?
ASA has an excellent support staff that will work with you to import your data into AutoRepairMaster.

What are my training options?
Training can be achieved through self-directed learning using our pre-recorded eLearning clips, One-on-One instruction via the internet, classroom instruction at ASA, or our premium onsite option. ASA will work closely with you to assess all of the options and help you decide what's best for you and your employees.

Do you have live technical support available?
ASA believes, and our customers would agree, that superior customer service is one of our strong suits. Our telephone support is available, Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM US Mountain Time zone. Customers can also submit problems online anytime, 24 hours a day. One of our customers was recently quoted as saying, “You can have the greatest product with OK people and still have an OK product. What has been a pleasure for me is dealing with the GREAT people at ASA.”

What about hardware requirements?
For a complete list of the hardware requirement check out the hardware options datasheet.

I have several computers in my shop, how does your software work?
AutoRepairMaster is a client server application. The database can reside on a PC and the server can also be used as a POS workstation. This means you don't need a dedicated server. The rest of the PC's will need to be on a wireless network or hard wired on a network.

If I don't want integrated accounting, do you offer any alternatives?
AutoRepairMaster has a QuickBooks interface if you do not want integrated accounting.

Do I need to buy new software if I start with just POS and later decide I want integrated accounting?
Integrated accounting can be added later for a minimal cost and with little or no interruption to your daily business operations.

What happens if I open another location, can I have centralized accounting?
Yes. The good news is ASA can grow with you. If you start with 1 location and grow to 20 or more, we will be right there with you. Our accounting module can manage multiple stores and centralized reporting. So go ahead and grow with the confidence of knowing that your software investment is safe and sound.

Do you have integrated Credit Card Processing?
The Credit Card processing option allows you to process transactions from directly within AutoRepairMaster. No need to re-enter the amount and authorization codes into the POS system.

What about parts and labor for estimates and work orders?
ASA has built an integration to Epicor's (formerly known as Activant) Integrated Service Estimator (ISE). Not only can you get parts and labor, but you can also automatically place an order for parts from your supplier when you turn an estimate into a work order. Mitchell 1 OnDemand 5 subscribers can also seamlessly integrate with AutoRepairMaster to access available data.

Do you have integrated payroll as part of AutoRepairMaster?
We work with the great folks at Pensoft. The Pensoft application can be integrated with AutoRepairMaster, so once payroll is completed it will automatically update the General Ledger.

Am I able to take my business mobile?
Absolutely, you can use bar code scanners to manage inventory or scan VIN numbers. You can also take advantage of rugged tablets to service customers on the lot, or use your iPad to check on what's happening in your shop from wherever you are.