ClearMechanicWith the integration of ASA AutoRepairMaster and ClearMechanic, auto technicians will have tools to help customers see why repairs have been recommended. Technicians will be able to email customers photos of failed vehicle parts, and they’ll be able to associate the photos with diagrams and written explanations of why the work is needed.

All images and illustrations will be stored by ASA for future reference, making subsequent follow ups on declined services even easier. Repair centers will be able to send customers reminders that include the images, along with work estimates.

Car owners are more likely to trust and approve repair recommendations when visual evidence is provided.   ClearMechanic has documented a 20-40% increase in success on additional service recommendations when customers are shown photos of their defective vehicle parts.  Additionally, ClearMechanic speeds up the customer approval process, eliminating delays that hurt a service center's productivity.  Finally, photos and videos captured with ClearMechanic are permanently stored and can be used for follow-up communication with customers or for insurance, warranty or liability purposes.